• Overseas qualifications will be assessed by Student Administration Services using the Australian governments Country 教育 Profile website CEP as well as the Australian Qualification Framework AQF, before being assessed for advanced st和ing.

  • For further information about the request and granting of advanced st和ing, see 免修 Policy


    Step 1 – Submit an application to study at 埃文代尔

    Before you apply for advanced st和ing, you must submit an application to study at 埃文代尔. For information about how to submit an application, see 如何申请

    NOTE: Your application for advanced st和ing will not be assessed until we receive a valid application to study.

    Step 2 – Obtain evidence

    If you apply for the Bachelor of 看护 and request advanced st和ing for units completed at another higher education institution, you must supply:

    For information about our guidelines for certifying documents, click 这里

    Step 3 – Submit an application for advanced st和ing

    Once you have obtained evidence, you will need to complete an 免修 Application Form 和 email the form (along with your evidence) to studentadmin@avondale.edu.au

    Applications for advanced st和ing must be submitted at least 前四周 to the commencement of semester to ensure sufficient time for processing.

    NOTE: The Bachelor of 看护, for applicants with approved advanced st和ing, commences approximately two weeks earlier than other courses.

    For information about semester dates, see the 埃文代尔 学术的 Calendar


    For more information, please contact:

    Student Administration Services
    电子邮件: studentadmin@avondale.edu.au
    Toll Free: 1800 991 392 (if in Australia)
    电话:+61 2 4980 2377